Keith Horne

"I've played AccuGrooves for over 14 years and will never go to anything else! I can give them all I want and no breaking down, it's never ever distorted!!" Keith Horne

Peter Frampton, Heart, Tanya Tucker & Waylon Jennings

Glen Alvelais

"I can't say enough about their FRFR Guitar cabinets. They cut thru like butter & are light enough to carry with one hand which made setup Awesome!"  Glen Alvelais

Hellbound, Testament & Earth Crawler

Justin Dean Corgan

"The El Whappo, 210 Punch, Powered Tri 115L, & Inception Tube Preamp  sound incredible & are seriously special cabinets. I catch myself looking back at it thinking "This is some type of magical bass wizardry!" Justin Dean Corgan

The Devon Allman Project

"No Compromise" has a name: