We introduced the 1st "FRFR" (Full Range Flat Response) speakers way before it was a popular term.

Since 2002, our High-End Isolated 2, 3 & 4-Way designs remain crystal clear over the entire music spectrum without sounding artificial. That's why we're the Innovators, not the Imitators.
    1. We divide the entire frequency into 2, 3 & 4 sections like a Studio Monitor.
    2. We have custom drivers built to our exact specifications and high standards. (No generic off the shelf)
    3. Each driver is responsible for a specific frequency section, so they are never overtaxed and stay pure. We've Isolated them from each other in their separate compartments, so they don't interfere with each other's sonic range and remain faithful.
    4. Each speaker has a custom-sized compartment engineered with unique cubic inches to maximize & perfect the response of the driver.
    5. Then we engineer custom-tuned ports for every separate driver for the tightest Bass response ever.
    6. Every cabinet uses hand-selected imported wood that costs twice as much, ensuring that they are lightweight with superior sound and strength.
    7. Every model gets finished in our industrial strength "ProGuard" Poly Urea coating sprayed at high temperatures under high pressure. (applied in-house) The resulting finish delivers maximum protection & toughness that's nearly impervious to damage & water.They are Hand-Crafted in the US by passionate Musicians versus being mass-produced by cheap labor overseas. Hand-crafted means we do not pull a box off the shelf & ship it.
    8. These are hand built to order one at a time, which takes time.9) Unlike others, we use actualaccurate power ratings! Most companies use "Peak" or "Max Amp Power." That's very deceptive since it's usually twice the accurate power rating.
    9. Factory Direct eliminates the middleman, giving you more savings. As a small custom builder, you work directly with us and become part of the family. 
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