Supremo FRFR Guitar

  • Supremo FRFR Guitar
  • Supremo FRFR Guitar
  • AccuGroove Supremo FRFR Guitar Cabinet
  • AccuGroove Supremo FRFR Guitar Cabinet
  • AccuGroove Supremo FRFR Guitar Cabinet
  • AccuGroove Supremo FRFR Guitar Cabinet


Supremo FRFR Guitar


Introducing the Supremo FRFR Guitar Speaker Cabinet: Your Gateway to Pure Guitar Tone

Experience the pinnacle of tone clarity and versatility with the Supremo FRFR Guitar. Designed for discerning guitarists who demand nothing but the best, this full-range, flat-response (FRFR) speaker delivers pristine sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. Whether you're dialing in classic cleans, gritty overdrive, or soaring leads, the Supremo ensures your tone remains true to your guitar's character. With its sleek design and rugged construction, it's ready to take center stage in any performance or studio setting. Elevate your sound to new heights with the Supremo FRFR Guitar.

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Please note: Due to high demand, current orders may take 5-6 weeks for processing.

Experience the legacy of the first True FRFR (Full Range Flat Response) GUITAR Cabinets since 2002 for "Studio Tone Live!"

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“Your cabs sound f#+king amazing! The Supremo is cutting like a knife through butter! Bravo gentlemen!” Luke Davies “OF LIMBO” 

"The "Supremo" Guitar FRFR cabinet is exactly what the AxeFx has been missing. Punchy, smooth & it is like the actual sounds that an AxeFx is putting out. Shimmering cleans or in your face Rock. Everybody needs one!" Marc Rubin

Experience FRFR Guitar Audio Excellence

Introducing our premier speaker system engineered to deliver unparalleled sound quality and performance.

Immersive Sound

Featuring a dynamic combination of a 15” custom neodymium subwoofer, a 12” mid-woofer, a 6” mid-range driver, and two soft textile dome tweeters, this system ensures a rich and immersive audio experience.

Robust Construction

Crafted with precision from die-cast aluminum, this speaker system is built to last. The addition of removable pop-in casters enhances mobility and convenience.


  • Experience unmatched performance with a 15” high-performance woofer, delivering lush, impactful guitar tones.
  • Featuring a 12” high-performance mid-woofer, providing exceptional clarity and detail across the entire frequency range.
  • Equipped with a new 6” mid-range driver and a cutting-edge crossover for enhanced clarity and precision.
  • Complete with two soft textile dome tweeters, each with circuit breaker protection, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 18 kHz (29 Hz@-6db)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 103 dB
  • Dimensions: 33 1/8" H x 29 ¾" W x 15 ¾" D
  • Weight: Only 64 lbs
  • Power Rating: 800 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms

Powered Amplification Upgrade

Upgrade to the "Powered" version for enhanced performance and versatility.

Advanced Amplification Technology

  • Four high-end amplifiers delivering 1000 Watts of DSP Power
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (±0.5 dB) @ 1 W, 8 Ω
  • Damping Factor: > 1000 @ 100 Hz
  • THD+N: < 0.005% from 0.1W to full power
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N ratio): > 100 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

Cutting-Edge Interface Panel

Equipped with intuitive controls including an input volume potentiometer, double XLR for mono input and link out, and LED indicators for Limit, Clip, Signal, and Ready signaling. The panel also features a push button to select from four DSP presets, allowing you to customize your sound with ease.

Elevate your audio experience with our state-of-the-art speaker system. Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound quality and redefine your listening journey.

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"The Supremo cabinet is the perfect partner to my Kemper. It's able to articulate all the nuances of my varied profiles, from clean to scream & everything in between. You won't believe how incredibly loud, surprisingly light, & extremely rugged it is!!" Paul Wheeler 

"Got my new POWERED "SUPREMO" FRFR GUITAR cab. Holy crap it's loud. LOUD!" Nathan Pearce

Isolated 3 & 4-Way Engineering delivers true "Studio Tone Live"

Super Lightweight, they replace cabinets twice their size.

Durability is provided by our hard "ProGuard" coating so they'll always look great!