Slant Jack Guitar

  • AccuGroove Slant Jack 12/15" Guitar Cabinet
  • AccuGroove Slant Jack 12/15" Guitar Cabinet
  • AccuGroove Slant Jack 12/15" Guitar Cabinet
  • Slant Jack Guitar


Slant Jack Guitar


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Introducing the Slant Jack 12"x15" Guitar Cabinet: The ultimate powerhouse for tube amp enthusiasts.

Crafted with precision using Thiele/Small parameters, this cabinet boasts a unique slanted design that delivers unparalleled projection and clarity. Engineered to handle the heaviest riffs and soaring leads, the Slant Jack ensures every note cuts through the mix with precision and authority. With its robust construction and innovative design, this cabinet is ready to unleash the full potential of your tube amp rig. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, the Slant Jack is your go-to choice for capturing the perfect tone and commanding the stage with confidence.

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Experience the legacy of our GUITAR Cabinets since 2002 for "Studio Tone Live!"

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"My Jack Hammer Guitar Cabinet Sounds so HUGE & is so LIGHT!" Anthony Dean Berry

"The best speakers ever! My "JACK HAMMER" Guitar Cab @ 54 lb outperforms 4x12s twice as heavy" John Germain 

Experience Guitar Power Like Never Before

Introducing our Theile/Small cabinet, meticulously engineered to deliver maximum guitar punch and unmatched performance.

Unparalleled Design

Featuring two separate isolated drivers—a 12" and a 15"—each with its own unique British character, our cabinet offers a diverse sonic palette to suit your every need. Most players can replace their heavy 4x12" with just one.

Precision Isolation

With each driver meticulously isolated and equipped with its own tuned port, you'll enjoy clarity, definition, and resonance that set a new standard in guitar amplification.


  • Two Separate Isolated Drivers: British 12" and 15" 
  • Unique tonal characteristics for versatile sound options
  • Freq. Response: 75 Hz - 5,000 Hz @ 103 dB SPL
  • Dimensions: 32 1/4” W x 25” H x 16 3/4” D
  • Weight: 69 lbs
  • Power Handling: 120 Watts RMS
  • Now Available in 4 or 16 Ohms

Elevate Your Guitar Sound

Step into a new realm of guitar excellence with our Theile/Small cabinet. Experience the power, precision, and versatility that redefine what's possible in guitar amplification.

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Isolated 3 & 4-Way Engineering delivers true "Studio Tone Live"

Super Lightweight, they replace cabinets twice their size.

Durability is provided by our hard "ProGuard" coating so they'll always look great!