Inception Tube Preamp

  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp
  • Inception Tube Preamp


Inception Tube Preamp


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“Holy S*!t, Wow, D#$n, Good God, Eureka, Amazing, finally a bass preamp with Great EQ. AccuGroove has done it again!” Myron Dove

"The sound is amazingly "thick". The difference from my previous preamp being the depth of the of the tube tone and articulation. A sonic masterpiece!" John Allouise (Watermelon Slim)

"You guys have done it again! The "Inception" Tube Preamp is a dream man...good grief. I love it! It's crazy that it sounds so much better than an SVT; It's insane!" Justin Dean Corgan

”Can't say enough good things abut the “Inception“ Tube Preamp! It’s easy to get different tones w/o having to make major adjustments. Tonal quality for days! My eq on my bass is now set flat. The nuances are amazing! AccuGroove, you guys are fantastic!“ Rick Coakley

"If your not playing the Inception at your gig your cheating yourself out of that studio sound!" Terry G Anderson

Total bliss comes from the careful selection of proper EQ and relentless engineering. Following the goal of studio tone for live applications, the expansive EQ enables you to hear the true sound of your instrument as if you were in a great studio.
Until now, you had to choose between tone or light weight. Light weight usually leads to a lack of tone. Likewise, great tone usually means hauling around a heavy lead-sled. Our design implements 2 balanced 12AX7 tubes that deliver FOUR triode stages for maximum flexibility, saturation and tone!
The Inception is the ultimate "no compromise" lightweight, simple, extremely powerful preamp with crushing tone. This preamp is pure sonic bliss!

Two 12AX7 tube input stage with four triode stages

Front Panel:
¼" Passive/Active
Mute Switch with LED
Input Volume
Tube Drive 1
Tube Drive 2

EQ Section:
High & Low Boost
Low Contour

Master Volume
Effects Send/Receive
Series/Parallel w/ LED
DI 1 & 2 Volume
Power on/off w/ LED

Rear Panel
¼” Input Jack
Buffered Out
Footswitch out
Effects Send
20dB pad
Effects Return
Out 1 — ¼”
Out 2 — ¼”
115/230 Switch
I.E.C. Power Connection

Only 6 lbs
17” x 8,5” x 2”
1 Rack Space

Powder coating - Blue, Red, Black
Rack Ears
Waterproof hard case w/ foam

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Isolated 3 & 4-Way Engineering delivers true "Studio Tone Live"

Super Lightweight, they replace cabinets twice their size.

Durability is provided by our hard "ProGuard" coating so they'll always look great!