Steve Rodby 'I used the Tri 112L the whole Pat Metheny tour & it KICKED ASS! It's now my favorite cabinet!" Steve Rodby, Producer, bass player for Pat Metheny

In addition to being the bassist in the Pat Metheny Group for the past 30 years, Steve has conducted orchestras, recorded with many other artists in both jazz and pop, and lately has spent much of his time producing and editing, both audio and video.

Steve has performed with numerous jazz greats, including Joe Henderson, Roy Haynes, Tony Bennett, Teddy Wilson, Milt Jackson, Art Farmer, Sonny Stitt, George Coleman, Ira Sullivan, Zoot Sims, Lee Konitz, Jackie McLean, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Kenny Burrell, James Moody, Johnny Griffin and Monty Alexander.

Steve uses a Tri 112L and Tri 115L

Biographical Overview                      

Acoustic and electric bassist, audio and video editor and producer Steve Rodby was born in Joliet, Illinois. He began studying classical orchestral bass at age 10, and quickly developed parallel interests in pop and jazz. A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in classical bass performance, Steve spent many years as a multi-style studio musician on both acoustic and electric bass in Chicago recording studios, while also playing with the leading contemporary classical chamber music group in the city, the University of Chicago's CCP. Playing regularly at the Jazz Showcase also gave him the opportunity to play with numerous jazz masters. In 1981, Steve joined the Pat Metheny Group, and would play with the PMG for 3 decades. In the early 80s, he became involved in record production for the PMG and many others, as well as working as a video editor for both PBS music specials and other music DVDs. Steve has worked as producer on Grammy award winning albums for Pat Metheny, Eliane Elias, and Michael Brecker, and in all has won 15 Grammy awards. Recently, Steve has been touring and recording with the international group The Impossible Gentlemen. In 2019, he joined the faculty of the University of Washington as Artist In Residence.


Pat Metheny Group    Offramp                           Grammy - Best Jazz Fusion Performance                              1982

Pat Metheny Group    Travels                             Grammy - Best Jazz Fusion Performance                              1983

Pat Metheny Group    First Circle                      Grammy - Best Jazz Fusion Performance                              1984

Pat Metheny Group    Still Life (Talking)      Grammy - Best Jazz Fusion Performance                              1987

Pat Metheny Group    Letter From Home     Grammy - Best Jazz Fusion Performance                              1989

Pat Metheny Group    The Road To You         Grammy - Best Contemporary Jazz Performance  1993

Pat Metheny Group    We Live Here                Grammy - Best Contemporary Jazz Performance  1995

Pat Metheny Group    Imaginary Day              Grammy - Best Contemporary Jazz Performance  1997

Pat Metheny Group    Roots Of Coincidence      Grammy - Best Instrumental Performance                 1997

Pat Metheny Group    Speaking Of Now        Grammy - Best Contemporary Jazz Album                2002

Pat Metheny                  One Quiet Night           Grammy - Best Contemporary Jazz Album                2003

Pat Metheny Group    The Way Up                   Grammy - Best Contemporary Jazz Album                2005   

 Michael Brecker          Pilgrimage                      Grammy - Best Jazz Instrumental Album                              2007

Eliane Elias                    Made In Brazil              Grammy – Best Latin Jazz Vocal Album                              2015

Eliane Elias                    Dance Of Time              Grammy (Latin) – Best Latin Jazz Vocal Album 2017

Pat Metheny Group    Imaginary Day Live (Video - SR Editor)  Swing Journal - Best Jazz Video                      

Pat Metheny Group    Imaginary Day Live (Video - SR Editor)  Adlib Journal - Best Video Oregon                             Northwest Passage    Indie Award - Contemporary Jazz                                  1998

Performing / Touring                                                                                   

Jazz Artists (Selected)                              1974 – 1983

               Joe Henderson             

               Roy Haynes    

               Teddy Wilson

               Milt Jackson   

               Art Farmer     

               Sonny Stitt      

               George Coleman         

               Ira Sullivan     

               Lee Konitz      

               Zoot Sims        

               Al Cohn             

               James Moody

               Johnny Griffin

               Monty Alexander       

               Lee Konitz                         


Michael Franks            1980

Tony Bennett                1997                  

               Boz Scaggs                      2008                  

Pat Metheny Group                                  Actively touring and recording                         1981 - 2010               

 Contemporary Chamber Players       @ U of Chicago, Ralph Shapey dir.                   1978 - 1981               

Partial Discography                                                                                                                  

Pat Metheny Group                   Offramp - 1982                            bass                                                  1982

Pat Metheny Group                   Travels - 1983                             bass                                                  1983

Pat Metheny Group                   First Circle - 1984                      bass                                                  1984

Pat Metheny Group                   The Falcon & The Snowman bass & conductor                      1985

Pat Metheny Group                   Still Life (Talking)                     bass & co-producer                  1987

Pat Metheny Group                   Letter From Home                    bass & co-producer                  1989

Pat Metheny Group                   More Travels (Video)              bass & co-producer                  1992

Pat Metheny Group                   The Road To You                        bass & co-producer                  1993

Pat Metheny Group                   Secret Story Live (Video)      bass & co-producer                  1993

Pat Metheny Group                   We Live Here - 1995                 bass & co-producer                  1995

Pat Metheny Group                   Quartet - 1996                             bass & co-producer                  1996

Pat Metheny Group                   Imaginary Day 1997                 bass & co-producer                  1997

Pat Metheny Group                   Speaking Of Now - 2002         bass & co-producer                  2002

Pat Metheny Group                   he Way Up - 2005                       bass & co-producer                  2005

Pat Metheny Unity Band         Unity Band - 2012                      associate producer                   2012

Pat Metheny Unity Group      Kin - 2014                                      associate producer                   2014

Pat Metheny                                 Secret Story                                  bass & co-producer                  1992

Pat Metheny Group (video)  Secret Story Live                        bass                                                  1993

Pat Metheny                                 Jim Hall & Pat Metheny           co-producer                                  1999

Pat Metheny                                 A Map of The World                  bass & co-producer                  2000

Pat Metheny                                 Trio 99/00                                    co-producer                                  2000

Pat Metheny                                 Trio Live                                         co-producer                                  2000

Pat Metheny                                 One Quiet Night                          co-producer                                  2003

Pat Metheny                                 Orchestrion                                  associate producer                   2010                  

Adlib Magazine (Japan):         Best Video 2001 – Imaginary Day Live – Pat Metheny Group

Swing Journal (Japan):            Best Jazz Video – Imaginary Day Live – Pat Metheny Group

Pat Metheny (video)                The Orchestrion Project         co-producer                                  2012

Pat Metheny Group (video)  Imaginary Day Live   bass & co-producer & video editor  2001                  

Pat Metheny Group (video)  The Way Up Live         bass & co-producer & video editor  2006                  

Lyle Mays                                       Street Dreams - 1988               bass & conductor                       1988   

Lyle Mays                                       Moses The Lawgiver - 1993 bass & producer                         1993                  

Lyle Mays                                       Fictionary - 1993                       co-producer                                  1993                  

Lyle Mays                                       Mustang - 1994                           bass & producer                         1994                  

Lyle Mays                                       The Lion & The Lamb - 1994     bass & producer                         1994                  

Lyle Mays                                       Solo: Expanded Piano              co-producer                                  2000                  

Eliane Elias                                   Dreamer                                         co-producer                                  2004                  

Eliane Elias                                   All Around The City                  additional production               2006                  

Eliane Elias                                   Something For You                   co-producer                                  2007                  

Eliane Elias                                   Bossa Nova Stories                   producer                                        2008

Eliane Elias                                   Eliane Elias Plays Live             digital preparation                    2009

Eliane Elias                                   Light My Fire                                producer                                        2011

Eliane Elias                                   I Thought About You                producer                                        2013

Eliane Elias                                   Made In Brazil                             producer, assistant engineer               2015

Eliane Elias                                   Dance Of Time                             producer                                        2017

Eliane Elias                                   Man Of La Mancha                     digital preparation                    2018

Eliane Elias                                   Love Stories                                 producer                                        2019

Michael Brecker                         The Nearness Of You                co-producer, audio editor               2001

Michael Brecker                         Pilgrimage                                     producer, audio editor               2007   

Charlie Haden                              Rambling Boy                              co-producer                                  2008

Paul McCandless                         Hearsay                                          bass                                                  1988

Paul McCandless                         Premonition                                 bass & producer                         1992

Oregon                                            Northwest Passage                   producer                                        1997

Oregon                                            Oregon in Moscow                    producer                                        2000

Oregon                                            Live At Yoshi's                            producer                                        2002

Nancy Zeltsman                          Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba    audio editor               2009   

Maria Schnieder                         Sky Blue                                          digital mix preparation               2007

Esperanza Spalding                  Chamber Music Society          mix preparation                         2010

Esperanza Spalding                  Radio Music Society                mix preparation                         2012

Recent Productions                                          

The Impossible Gentlemen                  Internationally Recognised Aliens - 2013   bass, producer

The Impossible Gentlemen                  Let's Get Deluxe - 2015                                         bass, co-producer

Ryan Cohan                                                  The River - 2013                                                       producer

Omar Rhabany                                           Passport - 2015                                                        co-producer

Baladino                                                        Nedudim – 2016                                                       producer

Alla Zingerese                                             Alla Zingerese - 2018                                             producer

Eliane Elias                                                  Dream Of Time – 2017                                          producer

Eliane Elias                                                  Love Stories – 2019                                                producer

Guaco                                                              Bidimensional - 2017                                            editor/producer

Video Editing                                       

PMG                                                  Imaginary Day Live   (2008)                                             video editor

PMG                                                  The Way Up - Live      (2006)                                             video editor

PMG                                                  Unity Sessions (2015)                                           video editor

Anúna                                              Celtic Origins (on PBS) - 2007                           video editor

Styx                                                   One With Everything  (on PBS) - 2009          video editor

Zeltsman/Norsworthy           Poèmes pour mi - Messiaen - 2013 music producer, audio & video editor

Eberhard Weber                         Homage Concert - DVD - 2015                          video editor

Pat Fleming & Project 13       I Can Understand It - 2014                   music producer, audio & video editor

Pat Metheny Group                   The Unity Sessions - DVD - 2015      producer and video editor

Pat Metheny Side-Eye             Side-Eye Live at Sony Club - 2020                   video producer & editor


Bass Player Magazine                             "Modern Acoustic" column                                 1990 - 1993

The Way Up (score)                                 score editor    Hal Leonard                                  2005

Studies and Degree               

Northwestern University                     Bachelors of Music 1973 - 1977        degree in Classical Performance

Warren Benfield, CSO & NU                 classical bass studies, private & NU-1971 to 1977

Rufus Reid                                                    jazz bass studies, private                      1972 - 1974


Summer Jazz Clinics                                large and small groups                           summers of 1978 & 1979

Smith McNally College of Music         diverse topics & student groups       March 2012

Sligo Jazz Project, Ireland                     individual and group coaching          July 2014, 2015,2016                     

Zeltsman Marimba Festival                 master class on recording                    July 2011                             

Northwestern University                     master classes                                           

Roosevelt University                              master class                                

Royal Academy of Music                       master class   London - Oct 2013                    

Private Instruction                                  bass, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro             1975 to present                            

University of Washington                    jazz bass, guitar, ensemble                  2018 to present